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Take a look into my world..

and see what I see.

2 August
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There's probably not one person out there that can't find something in common with me. I'm into a lot of stuff, have a lot of interests, and never mind listening to any one else's. I'm pretty easy to get along with, and willing to talk about almost anything. I have a good sense of humor and tend to make a lot of people laugh. I'll always be around to listen whenever someone needs me.
I've been known to dress up like a Christmas tree and sing *Nsync Christmas songs during the holiday season, do the macarena in front of a bunch of people in the middle of a skating rink, order diet waters just to get a laugh, sing kidz songz in Wal*Mart parking lots, 3 way people sitting in the same car as me, ride on the top of friends' cars, and many other crazy stunts. Have to keep a little excitement in life right?
I like nice cars, and watching vids and drifts and rally races. And participating. I play electric guitar and love it. I love the beach. I'm a competition roller-skater and I like going to the movies, listening to music, and taking pics. I like writing, and I love my friendz.
Now that you've read a book about me, there's no need for you to read my site.

But you can find more stuff on my xanga than on here.

and Yes, I have pictures. Ask me.

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